The Struggles Of A Blogger and One Simple Method To Overcome It

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As a blogger, you’re expected to earn rather than inspire in the very society we live in (at least that’s what I think and feel these days). People ask us how much we have earned which as a result many of them show their income reports. While they think that it inspires everyone, they are wrong because showing your income report will only make the latter either anxious or jealous of you (don’t trust the comments because people can be pretty sarcastic when it comes to leaving feedback)

I am a blogger but I have never earned a penny and that’s not something I’m saying to gain pity or anything. However, that doesn’t stop me from writing and neither should it stop you.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean just writing a rule book or something, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time and patience, and more importantly, it takes all the lows so that you can taste the sweetness of the highs (if you know what I’m saying).

A blogger's struggles are far worse than any other career or job because the individual must be his/her own boss. They must be focused at all times and no matter what, never give up because if they do, then they are sure to let go of their anchor and sink. Trust me when I say that it would be hard to swim back up.

P.S Forgive me but this is not a ‘how-to-blog’ step by step guide.

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Struggle 1

The first struggle every blogger goes through is setting up the blog. There are so many platforms out there that just confuses the hell out of you. I have gone through the same process and it never gets better or pretty.

Struggle 2

Everyone just yaps about finding a niche while we bloggers just write what we are truly passionate about. We write what our hearts tell us to write rather than what the algorithm or the Google search engine wants us to write. And that’s where we stop and realize that maybe we should have listened to all the yaps after all.

Struggle 3

The pressure is real guys. We are so adamant about ‘making money’ instead of ‘sharing information’ that we’ve knowledge of that we lose our focus and end up falling in all of this negativity that impacts our lives greatly. We may not see it, but if we follow the path of money, we won’t ever have any money. Instead, we must focus on our passion and leave the rest to the audience. If your piece is good, then it will become a hit so stop worrying about earning and get writing, get creative, and don’t let any soul stop you from being who you are!

Struggle 4

We all are annoyed with the technical issues, aren’t we? The web development, the newsletters, and all that stuff which you have no idea about. But hey, that’s no problem because you’ll eventually buy a course on Udemy and study for a few days before you even forget you have an Udemy account…yep, you guessed it right, that’s me.

Struggle 5

Not being consistent enough is the real problem we all have. We start all fired up the first week but in the next week, we’re like inflated balloons just lying on the ground and weeping as if the world is going to be over soon. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about the world ending, but the bad news is that your blog is just going to be where it was. It won’t go up, it might go down deeper but piece by piece (and I don’t want to sound mean) your blog will shatter and you’ll end up crying even more and having a tub of ice cream even though you’re on Keto-Diet.

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However, I’m sure not all bloggers are like this. I for a fact know that I struggle with these struggles because 1) I take things too seriously and 2) I get stressed easily which isn’t a good thing if you’re going to build and grow your business. Having a business/company of your own requires patience which I have none. I try every day to change myself; to be a bit more laid back but it just doesn’t work with me.

I keep on reading so many articles on LinkedIn, Medium, and Pinterest and wish that I could be as successful as those authors out there who are working hard and giving their all while I’m just sitting here and mopping around.

Nevertheless, I also believe that everything happens for a reason. That life is a journey where you must experience all the ups and downs, all the swings, and the bumps so that you can come out better, stronger, and powerful. It’s just how it is and we must accept that fact.

I have realized that to become successful, no matter in what platform; be it Instagram, your own blog, or your own business, you must be consistent with your work because if you get lazy doing your own work, then you’re not going anywhere, my friend.

I know it’s hard. I never said it’s easy, but you can overcome all these struggles with just one simple method which I’m going to share with you today and that is…


Okay, don’t be disappointed in me but trust me, self-affirmation works like magic. It’s the only remedy, the only magic potion you need to become successful and to never give up. It’s the only thing that will keep you going like a bullet train (hell, you don’t even need Red Bull to give you wings!) and it’s the only thing that will help you earn money.

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Self-Affirmation is one of the best things I have come to love and every morning, as I wake up and jot down my to-do list, I tell myself, ‘Yes, I can do this.’

It’s the smallest affirmation that will help you achieve the biggest goals.

Always remember that.

So what are you going to tell yourself today?



Just a passionate author, poet, scriptwriter and blogger who wants to change the world with her words. Oh, and a cat lover too!

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Just a passionate author, poet, scriptwriter and blogger who wants to change the world with her words. Oh, and a cat lover too!