Demand Justice For Jacob Blake

Yes, he is BLACK but first, he is HUMAN.

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By now we all know who Jacob Blake was. An ordinary man who was just trying to help in Kenosha, WI. He was just like us, going about his day but unlike us, he went through something which no one must go through.

He was shot in the back seven…yes, seven times on the back by police officers — by people who should have protected him, not execute him. It was reported by Kenosha News that Blake was just trying to help settle everything in a domestic dispute.

Jacob Blake, 29, who was a father, a brother, a to-be-husband, and a son, was talking to his car when one of the cops just grabbed him and shot him in close range. His fiancee and children were present right at the scene but they were helpless…the video circulated all over social media (thank you to the person who recorded it) and now, everyone is seeking justice for this innocent Black man who is now in a serious condition; just holding onto the rope of life in utter darkness.

It’s miserable how after all that has happened with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent Black victims had died in the hands of White policemen, nothing changed.


Everything’s just the same. The law is just the same. People are repeating the same procedure of reposting the videos, donating (after all is said and done), and sending their condolences to the victim’s family and spreading #BLM histories and stories.

However, what’s sadder is that we aren’t able to do anything by sitting at our homes when every single day, something or the other is taking place. At least I can’t do anything because I live outside the States. I don’t want to keep on donating and just thinking that my donation will make a difference.

No, I want real change and I want people to implement the change too. Time and again we protested, we shared videos of racism and we repeated the procedure as if we were stuck in a Deja Vu, but will everything we do matter?

I now know that it won’t because look, what just happened. No matter what we do to make the world a better place, the world won’t get better. People like those cops will ruin our hard work and stamp on our blood, sweat, and tears.

When will this turmoil end?

When will all the Black people wake up, feeling safe and secured? feeling that they don’t have to live in fear anymore?

When will the time come when all races will accept one another. We aren’t just colors, we are humans too. Do you think that a Black person doesn’t feel pain? or he doesn’t have a family who by the way must be in so much pain right now, and who doesn’t have a life to live?

Black people deserve to live. They deserve justice. Jacob Blake — an innocent 29-year-old victim who still has an entire life ahead of him, deserves justice.

Source: Twitter/SarahThamerWISN

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Just a passionate author, poet, scriptwriter and blogger who wants to change the world with her words. Oh, and a cat lover too!

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Just a passionate author, poet, scriptwriter and blogger who wants to change the world with her words. Oh, and a cat lover too!